Hi, I’m Melinda Gros, designer and president of Cezara™ and mom of two.  Welcome to Cezara™ and the comfort and support it provides.

Pregnancy and new motherhood is such a special time in a woman’s life, full of surprises, anticipation, emotions, concerns and physical changes. It is a magical time, full of promise for a new and bright future.

For most of us, this excitement is coupled with twinges and some discomfort. I’ve specially designed Cezara™ to help you move beyond the twinges and growing pains and allow you to enjoy all the anticipation and pleasure of your beautiful baby.

The Cezara™ belly support panty’s comfy support is designed to get you back to your hopes and dreams for your pregnancy and your little one.

Here are answers to many questions I’ve been asked about the Cezara™ belly support panty. If I left out your question, please use the contact link to email it to me.

Our goal is your comfort!  Congratulations on your little one!


This is my first pregnancy – do I need Cezara™?

First, congratulations!  Yes, you do need Cezara™ — it will lift your belly and tenderly support your back as your belly gets larger and heavier. You’ll stand straighter and be much more comfortable.  And don’t forget to take your Cezara™ to the hospital to wear after you deliver your beautiful new baby!  Just check with your medical professional so you know how soon after delivery you can resume wearing your Cezara™.

How many Cezara™ belly support panties will I need to buy?

That depends on whether Cezara™ is your favorite panty or if you wear Cezara™ OVER your favorite panties. If you’re wearing it over your favorite panties, then you’ll only need 1 or 2 Cezara™ panties. If you’re wearing it by itself as your favorite panty, then you’ll need about 3, so you’ve got a clean panty to wear while the others are in the laundry. We hope you’ll find Cezara™ so comfortable that your other favorite panties get a rest!

How many hours a day can I wear Cezara™?

This really depends on you.  There’s no downside to wearing Cezara™ for as many hours a day (and night) as you want ― other than doing the laundry often enough to always have a clean Cezara™ available.

Will I need to buy more than one size of Cezara™?

No!  One more beautiful thing about Cezara™:  It’s sized just like your regular panties (sizes small through 5X).  You can wear the same size throughout your pregnancy and after your baby’s birth, as you regain your pre-baby figure — no need to do calculations, pull out the tape measure, or “buy up.”  Just order your Cezara™ belly support panty in the same size as the panty you are wearing when you order.  

If you’re lucky enough to lose more than you gained during pregnancy and you’re below your pre-pregnancy weight, the Velcro® closure allows you to make the band smaller than the panty. You can use the elastic loop attached to the end of the band to hold the excess band in place — just flip the loop to the front of the band and insert the Velcro® hook end through it.  Of course, if Cezara™ still seems big after adjusting, then, yes, move into a smaller size (and congratulations!).

What is that extra small loop of elastic on the end of the long support band?

That’s for all you gals lucky enough to lose your baby weight.  When you are skinny enough to tighten the band a lot, first flip that little loop to the front of the band, then slip the Velcro® hook end of the support band through the small loop, then close the Velcro® as needed.  This will keep the loose end tidy and you looking fabulous!

I’m packing my hospital bag ― should I take Cezara™ with me?

Absolutely! If you’re already wearing Cezara™ in the final weeks of your pregnancy, wear one to the hospital.  Pack a clean one to wear after delivery (resume wearing Cezara™ when your medical professional gives you the OK).  If you weren’t wearing Cezara™ during your pregnancy, pack it so you can start as soon after delivery as medically appropriate.

I just had my beautiful baby with minimal medical assistance ― is Cezara™ right for me?

Yes, it is!  (And, congratulations on your little one!)  As you hold and care for your little one, Cezara™ provides welcome support for your belly and back, helping you comfortably regain your strength.  Remember, your muscles and tender tissues have been stretched during your pregnancy; Cezara™ provides tender support as they (and you) regain their pre-pregnancy shape. Can’t we all use a good cuddle?  This one’s for mom!

I want to nurse my beautiful baby – will wearing Cezara™ help me?

Absolutely  —  what a wonderful start you are giving your child!  Cezara™ will lift your belly and support your back for better posture and less strain when holding and nursing your beautiful baby. If you have a Cesarean scar, Cezara™ will also cushion and protect it when baby is squirming in your arms so you can be more relaxed and focused on your baby. How wonderful for both of you!

I have a toddler and a new baby ― how can Cezara™ help me?

If you’ve just had a Cesarean delivery and you’re also caring for a toddler, Cezara™ is really for you!  With two (or more!) active little ones, you really need to take care of yourself … and Cezara™ is there to help you, by protecting your tender incision from kicking, pulling, nudging, wiggling, squirming — all those wonderful things kids do .

My friend used a sanitary napkin over her scar — what’s up with that?

Some doctors recommend wearing a sanitary napkin over the Cesarean incision to protect it during recovery and healing — awkward, uncomfortable, and now unnecessary!  The soft internal pad in the Cezara™ belly support panty does it all — plus it doesn’t shift around during your busy day. The panty’s smooth fabric will not snag on any bandages.

The hospital gave my sister a binder after her delivery — what’s the story?

Binders are one-size-fits-all (or, maybe, no one).  You won’t need a binder if you’re wearing the super-comfortable Cezara™. The wide, easily adjustable elastic band is integrated into the panty.  Panty, binder, cushioning for your incision — all in one amazing, easily washed garment

How do I care for my Cezara™?  Any special laundry instructions?

First, close the Velcro® band to protect Cezara™ and any clothing you’re washing at the same time.  Put Cezara™ into a lingerie bag, then machine wash cold, gentle cycle or wash by hand, no bleach.  Remember — as with all fine lingerie — to line dry.  This will keep your Cezara™ in great shape.

Got any other questions?  What’s your favorite thing about Cezara™? Drop me a line – I would love to hear from you!

Enjoy your pregnancy!  Enjoy your baby!

Putting on the Cezara belly support panty

When should I start wearing Cezara™?

We know moms who’ve started wearing Cezara™ when the weight of their pregnant bellies caused them discomfort, worn it up until delivery, and resumed wearing it the day after delivery (with their doctor’s permission).

Woman wearing Cezara belly support panty

Of course, always check with your medical professional.

Can I sleep in Cezara™?

We know moms who swear they love sleeping in Cezara™, both before and after delivery.  You’ll find the soft cotton/spandex fabric very breathable and comfy.

When should I stop wearing Cezara™?

You can continue wearing Cezara™ for as long as you like … anytime you want the support. You’ll find that wearing Cezara™ will improve your posture and increase your comfort and your confidence. If you had a Cesarean, it will not only help your scar heal comfortably, it will give you an extra “oomph” of confidence and security as you get back into your daily routine.

I’m a larger mom; do you have a size that will fit me?

We’ve got you covered!  Cezara™ comes in sizes up to 5X!

I’d like to wear my new baby in a sling … will Cezara™ help keep me comfortable?

What a wonderful way to carry your baby! Moms tell us that Cezara™ makes baby wearing and holding much more comfortable. The panty’s soft internal pad cushions and protects your scar from getting bumped and helps it heal comfortably.